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Heroes' Movement is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit that strengthens Veterans' physical and mental well-being through movement based workouts and athletics.

The Conference

Why Heroes' Movement?

Making the transition from military service back to civilian life is always challenging. Having endured circumstances unimaginable for most of us, many of these men and women have returned home from service changed forever. Some have suffered physical injuries; others, invisible scars. In service to our country, these courageous men and women had no choice but to commit themselves to the highest level of physical and emotional strength, not only to ensure their own well-being, but to ensure the safety of the soldiers who battled by their side in an effort to secure the health of our nation. While these men and women are no longer battling in a war zone, they are battling on a daily basis to regain the physical and emotional strength that allowed them to serve in the first place. For our Veterans who have suffered physical injuries, once they’ve moved beyond therapy provided to them by the VA, they are essentially left to manage on their own. Heroes' Movement is here to fill the gap between rehabilitation and strength. And for those suffering with post traumatic stress (PTS), the counseling offered to them often goes unutilized. Heroes' Movement supports rebuilding interpersonal connection and well-being. 

If you were to ask Veterans what they miss about military life, the response is almost always, “the friends” with whom they’ve served. 


Heroes’ Movement offers our Veterans a chance to connect and reconnect with other Veterans who are working to rebuild their bodies and minds in a safe and healthy environment that nurtures their spirits and provides the sense of community that allows them to thrive. 


Many of us take our own communities for granted, and the freedoms in which they are based – the freedoms that the men and woman of our armed services have worked tirelessly and selflessly to ensure. 


How We Help.

Heroes' Movement maintains partnerships with like-minded gyms across the country. The gyms we partner with believe, as we do, that Veterans’ needs are the priority. 


Our strength and conditioning programs are designed to accommodate not only our injured Veterans, but Veterans who are working at every fitness level and want to build upon the strength they already have.

Goals of Heroes' Movement: 


  • To bridge the gap between physical therapy and feeling strong again. 

  • To create a continued sense of community for our Veterans so they can reinforce their strengths together. 

  • To reduce dependency on prescription drugs.

  • To reduce suicide risk.



We are a nation-wide program, partnering with like minded gyms and trainers across the United States.  Click to find a gym near you.  If you don't see your area, contact us and we will make it happen.  


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