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HAC and Anti-Plagiarism Check

It is no coincidence that this heading has just such a verbal formula. The fact is that the duties of the highest attestation commission do not include checking dissertations for uniqueness. Usually, only the educational institution on the basis of which a certain dissertation was prepared is engaged in this activity.

In the case when the HAC needs to make a decision on a dissertation research, it relies on an early prepared conclusion. But sometimes it also happens that a certain work falls under closer scrutiny, as it arouses suspicion. In such a situation, an additional check of the text for uniqueness is assigned.

"Optimal" percentage of uniqueness

In fact, such a percentage simply does not exist. Dissertation papers are usually considered from seventy percent of uniqueness and above. As a rule, those works that do not reach this fixed threshold can also be considered, but in this case, they will be evaluated much more strictly.

Usually, the optimal label for the uniqueness of the dissertation work is “ninety”, but it is far from always necessary to adhere to it. In general, this issue largely depends on the internal laws of the scientific organization within the walls of which the scientific work is written, therefore it is better to play it safe right away by clarifying such a subtle, but at the same time necessary nuance in department.

Conclusion about originality

The fact that the work has the required percentage of originality is usually documented. This document is compiled taking into account the study of those borrowings that are available in the dissertation work of the applicant, but at the same time, this certificate is not mandatory for defense.

As a rule, the conclusion about originality is drawn up in order to facilitate the task of those scientists who make a decision regarding whether to admit the work to protection or not. Often, it indicates in what incorrect ways the applicant tried to increase uniqueness, as well as how many white quotes are in the text.


In conclusion of this article, I would like to say that the high uniqueness of the text is an essential criterion for accepting a dissertation for defense. Therefore, you should immediately try to write the study yourself, enclosing quotes in quotation marks and making footnotes on them.

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