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What to expect at a training session with a Heroes' Movement gym partner.

This is a general template of the program structure we look for with a few examples, keep in mind all the trainers will do some sort of movement evaluation to meet the Veteran where they are in their fitness journey and make the necessary adjustments.  

Each hour session will include:

Foam rolling

Breathing exercises

Ground based stretching/mobility/activation

Dynamic warm-up


Power Work: 

Triple sets with medicine balls and plyometrics.

Example:  med ball toss - box jumps - bird dogs.  3 sets of 5   


Explosive Work:

Triple set with core and mobility. Core or mobility vary depending on their individual needs based off of the movement screen.

Example:  kettlebell swings - front plank - quadruped rocks


1st Strength Block: 

Knee dominant with upper body pull, and core or mobility - 2 sets of 8

Example:  split squat - one arm row - side plank


2nd Strength Block:

Hip dominant with upper body push, and core or mobility - 2 sets of 8

Example:  single leg deadlift - flat bench dumbbell press - bird dogs

If there is leftover time, a small bout of airdyne bike intervals. 

In most cases, if not all, there is no Olympic lifting in the program. 

We know there are a lot of ways to skin the fitness cat, but when we partner with a gym we look for gyms that make good movement the priority.  

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